Accounting Bridging Program | Brian Gaber

November 12, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

Well it is an exciting program because
it’s a new program we’re proposing to do something that has
not been done in Ontario previously and thats to provide a bridge for community college students to be able to
essentially transfer into a University commerce program with no
loss of credits and enter directly into our third year It’s geared specifically for
accounting majors so we’re looking only to start with graduates of two year accounting diplomas in the Ontario community college system and they would-be taking a summer bridging
program with us that consists of five courses: financial
accounting, managerial accounting, finance,
information systems, and the fifth course would be a
quantitative methods. Traditionally if they would
have transferred into a university they would have only had
about 30 credits but with the bridging program, when they
complete that, they’re essentially starting as third-year students which means that
they will have accumulated 60 credits the program has been vetted and
approved by the three professional accounting bodies they’ve looked at the curriculum of both
the college system and our program and they’ve been quite generous in terms
of the credits that they’ve granted, so it’s almost like by taking the
bridging program, they’re getting a bonus that otherwise
they would have never been able to achieve. So at the point
where they graduate from us they’re ready to move into the
professional phase of accreditation the first offering of the bridging
program will be May 2014 and it will be offered in both
an on-campus and an online version, students are actually
going to be very fortunate in the on-campus classes in the
sense that they’re getting special treatment, small classes just to
make sure that everything goes well. It is quite feasible and it is expected that the students who go into this
bridging program are doing it with the career aspirations
of becoming a Certified General accountant, certified
management accountant, or chartered accountant For people who are are in
these community colleges and realize Accounting is what they want for a career this gives
them a chance to basically go for the brass ring:
professional accreditation.