A Semester in Urbino Study Abroad Program – Iowa State University

December 4, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

[music] [music] [Dennis Chamberlin] Get to know Italy the way Italians do. Come study abroad with me, Dennis Chamberlin from the Greenlee School, and a group of Iowa State students in Urbino. Our program is open to all majors and, in addition to meeting several gen. ed., requirements, you’ll also learn how to make better photos with your phone. [new speaker, Paige Vanderleest] The classroom experience was very much integrating the culture into the actual material we were learning because it had so much to do with where we were living. [new speaker, Trey Temple] And then other times we were in Florence in Rome and we were going through, and we were learning about the, uh, Sistine Chapel. [new speaker, Rachel Pollastrini] Dennis would assign us um, different themes like we would have to go out and take light photography or dark photography or um, something with framing in it. [new speaker, Paige Vanderleest] To be able to take photos in Italy with a very distinguished photographer is an unmatched opportunity. Dennis worked one-on-one with us to kind of hone our skills regardless of what level we were at. [new speaker, Rachel Pollastrini] I was really glad that I chose to take this specific trip because it was in a small town. [new speaker, Jessie Darland]. I was more a part of Italian culture than tourist culture. [new speaker, Hannah Oldson] We had a little coffee shop that we walked by every day, and he’d be like, “Oh hello, my American Friends.” If you’re in Rome you don’t see the same people every day. [new speaker, Jessie Darland] We didn’t have class on Friday most of the time so being able to either explore just a little bit further out from Urbino on foot or booking a quick trip somewhere was cool because then I got to experience other cultures. [new speaker, Trey Temple] You can go different places by yourself, you can go with a group of people, you can go with your entire class that you’re over there with and it’s just it’s a very unique experience. [new speaker, Dennis Chamberlin] While you’ll have plenty of time to venture out on weekends, our class visits to Florence, Rome and Siena are included in the cost of the course. [new speaker, Rachel Pollastrini] Have You ever had gelato before because it’s definitely worth it but also, uh, i would say you will you 100% won’t regret this. [new speaker, Paige Vanderleest] It definitely grew a huge passion for International Studies and exploring culture. [new speaker, Jessie Darland] I got to meet so many people that I would have never got to meet otherwise and I just learned so many stories that I would have never heard. [music]