November 15, 2019 0 By Kody Olson

– (FBE) As a popular subject
on the internet, today you will be reacting
to the Mandela Effect. – The Mandela Effect? I’ve heard the name before. – Usually, I’m pretty good
with all these memes and everything, but I don’t know what this is. – I think it’s where there’s one thing
that happens in our dimension, and then something that happens
in an alternate dimension that’s kind of the same. – (FBE) The Mandela Effect
is when a large number of people share the same wrong detail about a fact or a past event of this reality. – Oh! I am so about this. – (FBE) The effect was named
after Nelson Mandela, when it was realized
that a lot of people thought he died during his imprisonment in the ’80s,
when he actually lived to 2013. Today, we’ll be showing
you ten different examples of this effect.
– Okay. Ooh, I’m excited! – I’m ready to have my mind blown. – I’ve heard people talk about it. Never really did my own research,
but now I get to learn. – (FBE) Here’s the first one. – “Darth Vader doesn’t actually say,
‘Luke, I am your father.'” – “He says, ‘No, I am your father.'” – “Darth Vader doesn’t actually say,
‘Luke, I am your fa–‘” What? – I always heard,
“Luke, I am your father.” That is crazy! – He doesn’t say “Luke”? Now I’m worried
that there’s so many things that I don’t know about in life. – It just ruined everything. I thought the whole Luke–
like, people say the whole thing and now it’s just, “No, I am your father.” Is this real? – I have to go watch Star Wars again now. This is crazy. – (raspily) “No, I am your father!” (normally) Like, that
doesn’t have a nice ring to it. – Throughout my whole life,
I’ve heard the phrase, “Luke, I am your father.” I’ve never even heard,
“No, I am your father.” – I am certain for a fact
that on the 21 years that I’ve been on this earth
that he said, “Luke, I am your father.” And I don’t believe this.
I– I just– I can’t! I can’t believe it. You guys, why? This is only the first one.
I’m already shook about it. – “Double Stuf Oreos
doesn’t have an extra F in Stuff.” – No, man! That can’t be real. No! How?! “Stoof”? I swear, I have a package at home. I’ma go check. – I don’t even have words
to describe how wrong this is. They should be spelling “stuff” correct. Little kids eat these things, and now they’re gonna think
“stuff” is spelled with one F. – That’s incorrect grammar. That bothers me more
than anything and it’s like, why not? It wouldn’t have cost you that much more
to put an extra F, right? – That’s not how you spell “stuff” and I’ve never seen
anybody abbreviate it that way for a brand’s–
or just for the look of it. – Walking past Double Stuf Oreos
in the supermarket, I feel like even though
it has one F in it, I’ll always kind of visualize
it having two F’s in it. I don’t know. It doesn’t change much for me. – This is one of those things, like,
they’ll give you a sentence and then there’s two an’s,
but you don’t see it because your brain
just blocks it or fixes it. But that’s weird. I eat Double Stuf Oreos all the time,
and I never knew that. This is crazy. This is great. I’m gonna be telling my friends
all about this stuff. – “Curious George never had a tail.” – Okay, yeah, that I knew. I grew up on Curious George. I never really visualized him
as having a tail. – I’ve never seen him with a tail, so I don’t know where
anyone got this idea from. It just looks wrong
for him to have a tail. – What? How am I not noticing this stuff? – I don’t believe it. I feel like the world
is playing a prank on us. – No way! Wasn’t it even
a shorter tail, like half way? Maybe the animators,
they slowly removed it and it got shorter throughout the episodes and just disappeared. – I personally thought he had
a tail this whole time too. Now I’m learning that he didn’t. This is crazy! This is mind-blowing. – “Sinbad was never
in a genie movie called Shazaam.” – “Shaq was in a genie movie
called Kazaam.” – I’m not familiar with this at all. It doesn’t make sense. – I actually knew that one. My dad was a sound editor
and he actually worked on Kazaam. – You cannot tell me
that’s not true ’cause it is. I’ve seen the movie! I’m sorry, but this one upsets me so much! – I still, to this day,
feel like I’ve seen Sinbad in a genie movie called Shazaam. – (FBE) On April Fools Day this year, Sinbad released a video clip
where he plays a genie in a movie called Shazaam, with several other
inaccurate Mandela effects subliminally placed in the background
as a hoax in response to the years of this false rumor. – Oh, so he wanted to play off
the whole Mandela Effect. What a smart guy. Smart guy. – Everything I know is a lie.
I feel betrayed. I feel hurt. I promise you, I saw that movie. – “Skechers is actually spelled
without the T.” I knew this! – This one’s completely right to me. This one doesn’t get me either. – It kind of bothers me a little bit, again because it’s incorrect grammar. Why do people feel the need
to take out letters? Like, I don’t understand it. Just use the whole word! – Looking at the spelling
with the T in it, that one doesn’t look right to me. – I swear I saw the T before too,
especially in my head when I’m thinking, like,
how would I spell Skechers? I would include a T in there
because of the word “sketch.” And now it’s not there anymore. – I think I was aware of this. So maybe I’ve only skipped
a couple dimensions to land in this one. – “Smokey Bear was
never called Smokey the Bear.” – I’ve never heard anyone
call him “Smokey the Bear.” – What? I’ve been calling him
Smokey the Bear all my life. Someone lied to me! – Smokey Bear just sounds weird. You can prevent forest fires,
but you can’t tell me that there’s no “the” in your name? – Smokey Bear? That just makes me think of a bear
that has smoke coming off of it. I feel like Smokey THE Bear is better
because it’s like a name. – I can see how people would confuse that. I think I was just really young
when Smokey Bear was popular, so I don’t really remember. – “Pikachu never had a black tail.” – There was a black part! Nah, man. – I feel like Pikachu had a black tail and then didn’t have a black tail, and then had a black tail again. – Yeah, I knew that. I’m just a Pokemon fan. I’ve just known
he hasn’t had a black tail. – I’ve never really pictured him
with a black tail, so it doesn’t really do much for me. – I for sure knew this
was what Pikachu looked like, but I also have seen versions of him
with a black tail too. – I know that. I am a huge die-hard Pokemon fan. I know this for a fact. Anyone that said he has a black tail, I’ve show them multiple things. I’m like, you’re wrong.
It’s not true. You can’t be wrong
and then have a bunch of people wrong with you
and think that you’re right because you’re all wrong together. It’s like, no, you’re wrong. – “The air freshener ‘Febreze’
is not spelled with double E’s like ‘Febreeze.'” – I don’t think I’ve paid
very much attention to this, so this is not very jarring. – It’s so obvious right there
because it’s printed on a can. You should see it. But you don’t really notice it. – These are life known facts I’ve known
that are just being discredited right now. It’s throwing me off big time. – When I first saw this one online,
I didn’t believe it, so I went to the can of Febreze
I have in my house and looked at it, but it’s true. It only has one E in it. – The sound “Febreeze”
sounds like there’s two E’s in there. – If you spell it, I don’t know
why it would have one E like that. It’d be like “Feh-brez-ay.” – “The word ‘tunes’ in Looney Tunes
isn’t spelled out T-O-O-N like a cartoon,
but it is actually T-U-N-E like music.” – No, it’s not! No, it is not! – No! No. No, no, no. No! No, no, no!
That’s a lie. – I feel like I’ve seen both. – I feel like it looks right both ways, but I feel like the “toons” with two O’s
makes so much more sense. – I always thought it was T-O-O-N also. I feel like I’ve been lied to. – I thought it was spelled like “cartoon,”
like Looney TOONS. Every time I wrote
Looney Tunes down on paper, I spelt it like “cartoon.” – My head is always in the clouds,
so it’s only natural that I’m in different
dimensions too, right? – “‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’
is never actually said.” – “The Queen says,
‘Magic Mirror on the wall.'” Does anyone even say “Magic Mirror”? That doesn’t even sound good. – Every other movie/cartoon,
they say “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” so she had to have said it first. There’d be no reason
for them to change it, right? – I remember watching Snow White. And it’s not hearing
“Mirror, mirror on the wall,” but hearing “Mirror, mirror on the wall”
from everybody else. – Everyone says
“Mirror, mirror on the wall” and I assumed that’s
what she says in the movie. “Magic mirror on the wall”
doesn’t have the same ring to it. It doesn’t have the same finesse
as “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” – I know in the movie Shrek,
Lord Farquaad even says “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” I know a lot of movies
and TV shows have used the phrase “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” I even say “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” But it’s not right! – Mandela Effect is crazy
because I don’t even know how it starts. Does everyone kind of from
the get-go not pay attention and it just becomes a thing? – It’s absolutely mind-blowing. The whole Mandela Effect, it’s super cool. I’m gonna look more
into this when I get home. – My mind is racing right now. It’s like, everything, I’m like–
but then– (stammering) ugh! (laughing) I don’t know how to feel. I’m very upset about this. – There’s so much that
we can’t really explain about the world. I still feel like it’s
“Luke, I am your father.” (giggling) – No! That’s not true! – Thanks for watching us
experience the Mandela Effect. – Did any of these
Mandela Effects blow your mind? Let us know in the comments. – Bye! – Shazam! I mean, Kazaam! – Hey, guys, Alyssa here,
a producer at the React channel. Thanks so much for watching. If you liked this episode, subscribe! Magic mirror in my hand,
who has the best goodbye in all the land? – Zach does.